Empowering Communities: LITTA Named Recommended Skip Supplier for Bromley Borough

Empowering Communities: LITTA Named Recommended Skip Supplier for Bromley Borough
Sophie Parr

LITTA has been proudly named a recommended supplier for skips in the borough of Bromley. 

This recognition is a testament to our shared vision with Bromley Borough Council for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Our Impact in Bromley

This year, our efforts in Bromley have seen remarkable success in addressing community waste needs. From a surge in enquiries leading to increased jobs, we've been actively contributing to the borough's waste management landscape. The numbers speak for themselves!

In 2023, LITTA serviced nearly 400 individual waste removal jobs in Bromley alone! As a result of this, we removed 122.62 tonnes of waste from the borough (That’s 1,627 cubic yards of rubbish) These figures don't even include our skip supplier jobs in Bromley! 

Every skip serviced by LITTA represents a step towards a cleaner and more efficient waste disposal system. 

Preventing Potential Fly Tipping

We understand the importance of preventing potential issues such as fly tipping, and our efforts go beyond merely providing skips. By offering reliable, efficient skip services and bulky waste removal we contribute to keeping the streets of Bromley clear of unnecessary rubbish.

LITTA's Contribution to Bromley Council Initiatives

Bromley Borough Council has been at the forefront of community initiatives, and we are proud to align our services with their vision. Our skip services directly support the council's waste initiatives, providing residents with convenient and responsible options for waste disposal. By working hand in hand with the council, we aim to enhance these initiatives, ensuring Bromley can reach its full potential in promoting sustainable waste practices.

Looking Ahead

LITTA are committed to evolving alongside Bromley Borough Council, exploring new technologies, and continuously improving our services. Together, we can create a waste management model that not only meets the needs of today but paves the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious tomorrow.

LITTA is honoured to be a recommended skip supplier for Bromley Borough 

At LITTA, we’re proud of our dedication to providing innovative and community-driven waste solutions. As we continue our journey in Bromley, we invite residents to join us in making a positive impact on the environment, one skip at a time. Together, we can build a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable Bromley.

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