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If you’re one of the three million new garden enthusiasts who took up the hobby during lockdown in 2020, you’ll no doubt have experienced the problem of dealing with garden waste. And if you’re an experienced gardener already, or are preparing your garden for a house viewing, or have just moved into a new property and are getting ready to give your outside space a face lift, you’ll be well aware of the challenge of disposing of garden waste.

Garden waste removal is a difficult issue for regular collection services to deal with, like councils. Most services operate on a bi-weekly or monthly service at most. And many councils have been forced to suspend garden waste collections due to self isolation of staff and a shortage of vehicles. So with your green bin piling up quickly, what are you supposed to do to get rid of your garden waste in an environmentally friendly, easy way? Here’s our guide to getting rid of your green waste.

What is garden waste?

First, let’s deal with the issue of what exactly is garden waste, because it can be confusing when you get into the details. Most people think garden waste is just the waste that goes into your green bin. His is waste like , Garden cuttings, Leaves and tree cuttings ,Weeds or dead plants. Used compost

And these definitely qualify as garden waste. But it can also include larger items that you can’t put in your green bin, but that can just as easily be recycled if you dispose of them properly. Things like Small garden ornaments Pots, trays or other ceramics Cardboard And, just to add to the list, larger items like garden furniture, fences and gates can also be classed as garden waste. A lot of these items aren’t allowed in council green bins, which tend to only allow the ‘green waste’ like grass cuttings.

So if you’re going to rely on a council pick-up, you’ll have to go through the process of separating your garden waste into “green” and other. This can take a while when you’re going through a big project. But what else can you do with your garden waste? Here’s a few ideas.

Litta’s garden waste removal service.

Perhaps the simplest, most environmentally friendly way to dispose of your garden waste is to use our garden waste removal service. Unlike council garden waste collections, our service includes the collection of all your garden waste. This includes all your recyclable ‘green’ waste like Grass cuttings Hedge /Trimmings/ Shrubs/ Plants /Weeds /Leaves/Twigs

But it also includes other garden waste that would be classed as ‘mixed general’ waste by other collections. This includes waste like / Tree branches / Soil/ Rubble / Rubble bags / Bricks / GraveL / Stones / Plant pots / Garden furniture / Decking / Paving / ismantled garden sheds and greenhouses.

We can collect all this as part of our garden waste collection service so you can dispose of everything in your garden quickly. we can offer same day collections and will pick up the items directly from your property.

Compost your garden waste.

If you’ve decided to take up gardening for the long-term, it can be a good idea to start your own compost bin. Not only will this help you get rid of garden waste in an environmentally friendly way, it can save you money as well. Your compost bin can be made up of old grass clippings, and twigs or wood. But you can also get rid of old cardboard and wood in your compost bin. In fact, adding some ‘brown’ garden waste is advised to get the best out of your bin. Just be aware that this is going to be a long-term project and will require some effort on your part to do properly.

Dry wood and use it in a log burner.

If your garden waste includes a lot of old, untreated wooden structures or furniture, and you have a wood burner in the garden, you can dry out the wood and use it as kindling. It will at least save you some money in the short term and help you get rid of some of your waste (if not in the most environmentally friendly way). If you are going to do this, make sure you dry out the wood thoroughly before lighting it and check that it’s not treated. Using damp wood in a log burner will produce more smoke and more harmful by-products that are dangerous to you and more polluting in the atmosphere.

Get a bulk council collection.

If your council has suspended your garden waste collection, you could still have the option of arranging a bulk collection. One thing to keep in mind with this is that these collections often need to be booked a long time in advance, so you could end up with garden waste lying around while you’re waiting. council collections won’t pick up waste from within your property or garden, so you’ll have to arrange for garden waste to be collected from a designated drop off point. This could mean moving your garden waste yourself to the collection point, which can be difficult if you have a lot of it. You also need to be aware that you could end up being fined if you leave garden waste out on the street.

Hire a skip for your garden waste.

If you’ve got a big project underway, hiring a skip could be a good solution. Especially if you’ve got a lot of heavy items to dispose of. But if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your garden waste, a skip might not be the best option. Most waste from skips just ends up on landfill. you have to wait for the skip to be delivered, and picked up once you’ve used it. And given that more people are investing in home improvements since 2020, hiring a skip could leave you waiting a while for your waste to be picked up.

Take your garden waste to the tip

Most local tips now include designated areas for recyclables and garden waste, so you do have this option. But this means you have to arrange to get your garden waste to the tip. If you have the transport it might not be such a big issue (although if you have a van you’ll need to book a drop off time at the tip). However, if you’ve only got a small car you might struggle to get all your waste to the tip in one go. you’ll just risk leaving a lot of debris in the back of your card that you’ll have to clear out afterwards.

Try to sell bricks, pots etc.

If you’ve got a lot of undamaged bricks as part of your garden waste or plant pots that are still in reasonable condition, you could always try to sell them. Local tradesmen might be interested in any bricks that they can use, for example. This will obviously take a lot of effort on your part to list your items and also potentially could involve arranging for delivery of your old items to the buyer.

Simple, environmentally friendly garden waste disposal service.

If you’ve got garden waste for removal and want to get rid of it in a quick, easy, environmentally friendly way, get in touch. With our network of 200 drivers we can arrange to pick-up your garden waste from any Central London, City of London and Greater London area. If you need an urgent pick up we could also arrange a SAME DAY collection.

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