A guide to heavy waste and rubble removal

A guide to heavy waste and rubble removal

A guide to heavy waste and rubble removal

When it comes to waste disposal, there are plenty of simple, easy to access options for you to choose from. Unfortunately, materials used in construction are a little trickier to get rid of due to their size, weight, and general difficulty to transport.

Before you attempt to get rid of this hard to handle waste yourself, our handy guide can offer you some useful tips for getting rid of heavy waste and rubble that you no longer have a use for.

Repurpose your waste

Before you decide to get rid of this type of waste, look around your property. Is there anything you could use the excess materials for?

Perhaps you have leftover bricks which could be used to make a simple barbecue area. If you have excess rubble, you could use it as part of a rockery feature.

Not only are there lots of potential uses for these materials, but repurposing them means you are practising sustainability, which in turn helps keep the planet in good shape.

Recycle your waste

If you’ve had work done on your home and are left with a pile of unwanted materials around your property, it’s understandable to want them removed as soon as possible.

You may decide that you want to do this yourself, either using your transport or hiring a van. Before you do so, it’s worth checking with your local recycling centre to ensure they accept the kinds of materials you want to deposit. Most recycling centres put a cap per household per month on how much you can deposit.

Even if it is an option, landfill sites and local recycling centres can charge up to £100 for larger amounts of rubble, hardcore and ceramics. Many people see this as an unnecessary extra cost when disposing of these materials themselves.

A simpler solution would be to hire a waste collection company to dispose of the waste for you. Companies such as Litta make it easy, either through their website or handy app. All you need to do is get a quote, pick the collection time, and let them take care of the rest.

Skips and grab lorries

If you find yourself with a large amount of heavy waste, it might be a good idea to use something with a little more capacity. Hiring a skip is a fantastic way to get rid of your building waste.

They come in various sizes depending on your load and save you time and money. All you need to do is fill it up with your excess materials and the skip company will dispose of them for you.

If you want to hire a skip but are lacking the space, a grab lorry may be a good option. They come in various tonnage capacities and are the most cost-effective solution for bigger projects, such as knocking down part of a building.

These vehicles have a hydraulic arm and bucket which lifts your excess debris into their trailer. Most grab lorry companies will offer a service to dispose of your waste too, saving you space and effort.

Fly-tipping heavy waste and rubble.

You may be driving down a peaceful country road when out of nowhere, you see a pile of bricks, rubble or even household goods left by the roadside. This is called fly-tipping and it not only ruins the countryside, but it’s illegal.

Often the reason for fly-tipping is a matter of convenience. The owner may have no quick or cost-effective way of disposing of materials properly, therefore they choose to leave them somewhere, often remote or on private land, to avoid fees or the effort needed to dispose of them correctly.

With a large number of fly-tipping prosecutions over the last decade, these kinds of activities not only result in costly fines but the heavy or hazardous waste dumped can often endanger wildlife and its habitats.

If fly-tipping has occurred on your property, your local council can help report the incident and investigate. Waste removal services such as Litta also offer fly-tipping waste removal - an easier option than up to £50,000 in fines or a 12-month prison sentence!


A handy solution for heavy waste and rubble collection in London

Heavy waste is often difficult to get rid of, whether due to awkwardness, weight, or amount. While you can always reuse it, most people want their property to be tidy and free of clutter.

If you’re thinking of disposing of these types of materials yourself, always check with your local facilities first to ensure they take them, and you aren’t stung by hidden costs. If you can’t do it yourself, your local waste collection service is ready and waiting to help.

At LITTA, our expert waste collection service provides you with a simple solution for getting rid of excess materials that can soon become an eyesore.

All you need to do is book online or via our handy app, schedule your collection, track your driver and we will collect and dispose of your waste.

For friendly, comprehensive waste collection in the London area, contact LITTA for more information.

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