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Plasterboard is an extremely common building material in the construction trade that’s used frequently to construct interior walls or ceilings. It’s popular for a number of reasons. One, it’s easier and quicker to install than using lath and plaster. And it’s also cheaper because it doesn’t require the level of specialist skill you’d need to pay for if you hired a plasterer to wet plaster your wall or ceiling. As a building material it’s perfectly safe. But when it comes to disposal, it creates a few challenges. In fact, specific legislation is in place requiring plasterboard be disposed of in a specific way.

Why is plasterboard removal so challenging?

It’s because plasterboard is a gypsum based material. And although plasterboard is non-hazardous in itself, it has the potential to become hazardous if it’s not disposed of properly. This is because if you dispose of plasterboard with your mixed waste, or simply leave it out in a landfill where it can get wet, the material can begin to putrefy. If this happens over a long period of time - like if the plasterboard is exposed in a landfill - it can start to break down and produce hydrogen sulphide (you might have heard it referred to as H2S, sewer gas, swamp gas, stink damp or sour damp). you might have heard people talk about the rotten egg smell it can give off. In low concentrations, that rotten egg smell is the worst you have to worry about - as well as the potential for some mild irritation.

But in larger concentrations it can cause much more serious problems, and can be lethal in some circumstances. Again, it’s important to stress that these risks are solely linked to the incorrect disposal of plasterboard and its exposure to mixed waste and being wet over a long period.

How to dispose of plasterboard.

Previously, as part of The Landfill Directive, the Environment Agency had allowed construction waste containing small amounts of gypsum to be sent to landfill. Commonly this was referred to as the ‘10% rule’. However, given the potential risks associated with incorrectly disposing of plasterboard, new legislation was written in 2009 stating how it should be dealt with, and the 10% rule was removed. The Environment Agency now states that plasterboard and other gypsum based materials cannot be sent to landfill in any quantity, and needs to be separated and either disposed of or recycled separately. And it doesn’t matter how little you’re disposing of. Even if you’re completing a small house renovation, any plasterboard must be disposed of separately and shouldn’t be allowed to come into contact with other mixed waste.

It’s possible that you can transport and dispose of your plasterboard at a designated recycling centre. But it’s a hassle. And if you’re a commercial contractor trying to dispose of large amounts of plasterboard, you’ll be better off arranging a completely separate collection service for the plasterboard. That’s where we can help.

Safe plasterboard disposal with LITTA.

At LITTA we can safely carry out plasterboard removal and disposal, ensuring your plasterboard is safely packed and removed, and disposed of at a dedicated recycling centre that keeps it away from landfill. As long as you keep the plasterboard clean and free from contact with other waste, then we can take it away. Segregating your plasterboard is a simple task - you simply need to bag it separately or wrap it. Our professional team of plasterboard removers will take your waste away in compliance with all Environment Agency rules and regulations.

If you need plasterboard collected quickly, we can carry out same day collections providing you contact us before 12noon on the day of your collection. And we also provide access to a real-time tracking app so you can follow your collection direct to your door, and also check your waste has been disposed of properly after it’s left your premises.

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