How to plan your garden clearance


Making the most of our outdoor space has become more desirable in the last few years. But that might mean having a clear out of your unwanted garden furniture or anything you’ve been holding onto, or maybe letting it overgrow a bit more than you’d like.

garden clearance Can be a big project depending on the size of the space you’ve got, but with a bit of planning and thought you can easily turn your outside space into a great area to sit and relax. Here’s our top tips for planning your garden clearance.

Make sure you put some time aside.

Sorting through your garden furniture, figuring out what you want to keep, what you want to remove and what you’re going to do with the things you’ll remove will take some time. It’s not something you’ll be able to do properly by spending a few minutes a night after work. You’ll likely need at least a few days - even for a garden on the small side. Plan your garden clearance on a weekend or book a few days off work so you can commit and concentrate on the project.

What do you plan to keep or remove.

Whether you’re just sprucing your garden up a bit or planning a complete clear out of old furniture and foliage you should make a plan before you start. That way you’ll be able to work quicker and stay organised. It can also help you figure out whether you’ll need a skip (and what sized skip you’ll need) or a man and van service to take your garden rubbish away.

What will you do with your unwanted garden waste?

A lot of your green garden waste can simply be put in your council recycle bin, things like grass cuttings for example. So they’re easily dealt with. But ‘brown’ garden waste can’t be put in this bin so you’ll need another plan for those - along with any old garden furniture you might want to dispose of. If you’ve got a lot of bulky garden waste you might need to hire a skip. If it’s a few bulky items, a garden removal service could be a better option. But remember, just because you’ve decided to clear out your garden doesn’t just mean you have to throw everything away. Some items could be reused or refurbished. Others could be given away or donated. You might even be able to sell a few items online.

Organise your clear out.

If you’re not planning to simply throw your garden waste away, you’ll need to get organised to make sure you only remove the right items, or you’ll end up losing things you want to keep. So you should think about what you’ll want to keep, sell or donate and separate them - just find a corner of the garden you’ve already sorted and keep these items here so they’re out of the way. By being organised beforehand you’ll also make your garden clear out a lot easier and quicker, rather than trying to sort your items as you go.

Arrange your recycling collection or skip.

Depending on how much garden waste you have you might need to get a skip rather than a van collection. You might also not be able to fit all your green garden waste in your council bin, so you’ll need to factor this into your collection as well. If you’ve not got a lot of garden waste you might be able to get away with your council recycling bin and a trip to the local tip yourself. If you’ve only got a few bags of rubbish or a couple of bulky items like garden furniture, then a garden clearance service might be the best option. if you’re doing a complete clear out and have a mix of garden waste and bulky items, then a skip will be the best option.

With a skip hire, you’ll need to work out the best size for what you need (we always recommend ordering a skip larger than you think you’ll need as it’s more cost effective) and you’ll also need to make sure you have a permit arranged if you’ll be putting the skip on a public highway.

Arrange your garden clearance with LITTA.

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