Raising the Bar in Shopfitting: LITTA becomes a NAS member!

Raising the Bar in Shopfitting: LITTA becomes a NAS member!
Sophie Parr

LITTA are excited to announce that we have joined the National Association of Shopfitters (NAS). This marks a significant milestone in our quest to make waste management easy and sustainable within the industry.

NAS is the UK's premier professional association for shopfitters, fit-out, and interior contractors. NAS is committed to excellence and high standards within the industry. It offers a platform for members to showcase their projects, exchange insights, and access to resources and support.

NAS members can also access key suppliers to support their ongoing projects. We’re pleased to be one of those suppliers!

As the only nationwide provider site clearances and waste collections in the NAS, we can support all members with their projects. 

So, why is our partnership with NAS so pivotal in the world of shopfitting?

First, our membership underscores our mutual dedication to improving industry standards. By joining NAS, LITTA reinforces its pledge to provide sustainable waste removal solutions to the fit-out and interiors market.

Moreover, this membership unlocks a wealth of networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. As a NAS member, LITTA has access to a community of industry professionals. This allows us to collaborate and exchange ideas that drive industry innovation. We're also able to contribute towards the sustainability objectives of the industry.

As a member of NAS, LITTA can stay ahead of emerging trends, regulations, and best practices. This ensures that our service evolves alongside industry needs.

The alliance between LITTA and NAS allows us to continue expanding our reach within the shopfitting sector. It enables us to better serve our clients and the wider community. By joining forces with NAS, LITTA can extend its reach and impact within the industry.

We can champion sustainable practices and raise awareness of responsible waste management in the industry. As a result, we can drive positive change. By working with members we can help them mitigate their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

To see LITTA’s membership details with the NAS, go here: https://www.shopfitters.org/new-members-litta/ 

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