LITTA are now Greenwich's Trusted Skip Supplier

LITTA are now Greenwich's Trusted Skip Supplier
Sophie Parr

Another one?! LITTA are now Greenwich's Trusted Skip Supplier

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing waste management practices, LITTA is proud to announce that we have been listed (yet again!) for another London borough. We’re now a recommended skip supplier for the vibrant borough of Greenwich. This again speaks volumes about our dedication to providing reliable and sustainable waste solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our local communities. 

Why LITTA in Greenwich?

Greenwich faces its share of challenges when it comes to waste disposal, with fly tipping being a significant concern. At LITTA, we understand the importance of addressing this issue head-on, and our skip services, including wait and load, play a crucial role in doing just that.

Reducing Fly Tipping with Skip Services:

  1. Convenience for Residents: Our skip services make it easy for residents to responsibly book and dispose of bulky items and excess waste, reducing the temptation to resort to illegal dumping.
  2. Tailored Solutions: LITTA provides skips in various sizes, ensuring that residents and businesses have the right container for their specific waste disposal needs. This tailored approach minimizes the likelihood of improper waste disposal.
  3. Efficient Removal: By offering timely and efficient skip services, we contribute to the prompt removal of waste. Again, leaving less opportunity for illegal dumping in public spaces.

LITTA's Impact in Greenwich

Our work in the borough of Greenwich goes beyond Skip hire though. LITTA has demonstrated a measurable impact on waste removal. Our efforts align with the borough's commitment to maintaining a clean and attractive environment for its residents.

In 2023, LITTA achieved the following in Greenwich: 

  • Completed 472 waste removal jobs
  • Cleared 152.3 tonnes of waste 
  • Amassing a total of 2,014.5 cubic yards! 

Join Us in Keeping Greenwich Clean

As a trusted skip supplier in Greenwich, LITTA invites residents, businesses, and local authorities to join us in the mission to combat incorrect waste disposal. By utilizing our skip services, and our bulky waste removal, we collectively contribute to a cleaner, greener Greenwich.

Let's work together to make a positive impact on waste management, reduce fly tipping, and create a more sustainable future for Greenwich.

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