Making a Difference at LITTA: Recommended Supplier for Ealing Council

Making a Difference at LITTA:  Recommended Supplier for Ealing Council
Sophie Parr

Did you know that LITTA is now a recommended supplier for bulky waste removal in Ealing? This is a huge testament to our commitment to making a positive impact on waste management in Ealing.

Let's take a look at the significant milestones we've achieved in the borough this year alone.

In Ealing alone this year, our efforts have resulted in a remarkable number of enquiries and jobs, showcasing the community's growing awareness and commitment to responsible waste management. These figures not only represent the demand for our services but also reflect the collective dedication to keeping Ealing clean.

Through our relentless efforts, we have successfully removed over 234.45 tonnes and 3,202 cubic yards of waste in Ealing this year. That’s from over 800 waste removal jobs! These figures represent the potential environmental harm LITTA has prevented. By tackling this volume of waste, we've vastly reduced the risk of fly tipping, preventing our streets from becoming dumping grounds for unwanted rubbish.

London is continuously ranked as the most common location in the UK for fly tipping incidents.

The London Borough of Ealing is the third largest borough in London by population. In 2021/2022 Ealing Council recorded 12,303 fly-tipping incidents. These incidents cost the council more than £300,000 to clear up. Taking the aforementioned waste out of circulation and preventing it from being fly-tipped has helped to save the council an additional £70,000 to clear up.

LITTA alone has saved Ealing Council a substantial amount by efficiently managing waste removal. The cost savings for the council are not just monetary; they translate into resources that can be redirected towards other essential community services and improvements. Our partnership with Ealing Council is not just about waste removal; it's about contributing to the overall well-being and prosperity of the community.

And that's just Ealing! Our impact extends across not only London, but the rest of the UK too. As a recommended supplier for Ealing Council, we are not just a service provider; we are a partner in creating cleaner, greener, and more sustainable neighbourhoods.

Being a recommended supplier for Ealing Council is an accomplishment we are proud of, but it's just the beginning.

Through our collective efforts and the support of the community, we've not only managed waste but made a positive contribution to the environment and saved valuable resources for Ealing Council. We work with many other councils too and are even recommended by As we look ahead, our commitment remains unwavering – to continue making a difference, one load of rubbish at a time.

Join us in the journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future the next time you need bulky waste removal - use LITTA!

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