London Skip Hire Prices 2021 | Cost of London Skip Hire

London Skip Hire Prices 2021 | Cost of London Skip Hire
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Skip hire in London is popular because they’re a cost-effective way to remove large amounts of waste. Hire a London skip from Litta, and we can drop it off. When it’s filled up, we’ll remove it. Litta offers London skip hire to all areas, boroughs and postcodes. Our affordable and reliable London skip hire service is loved by traders, workers and homeowners. Want to hire a London skip, but don’t know where to start? Here is our complete guide to skip hire in London.

London skip hire prices.

you want to hire a skip in London UK, and want to know what it costs? We can help. Here are some average London skip hire prices.

London skip hire services.

London skip hire prices vary, according to the size and location of your skip. Each skip has a different carrying capacity, measured in yards. The smallest London skip we deliver is 6-cubic yards, and the largest skip is a massive 16-cubic yards. We offer four different types of skip, including.

Small 6-yard skip– ideal for household waste, rubbish clearance, rubble and soil. It’s our smallest skip.

Standard 8-yard skip. standard builders skip designed for commercial and domestic waste, including large domestic projects. Our most popular skip hire!

Large 12-yard skip - A large skip that’s suitable for big jobs and all waste types. It can’t go on the road. Extra-large 16-yard skip – Suitable for big, bulky items this super-sized skip can’t go on the road, making it suitable for industrial projects.

If you are arranging skip hire, be aware that we cannot place our Large and Extra-Large skips on the road. To learn more about the different skip sizes, visit our website.

What skip size do I need?

The ideal size of skip depends on the amount of waste you need to dispose of, and the proposed location of the skip. Here’s a guide to choosing the right skip. if you’ve got a small amount of waste material to dispose of, our 6-yard skip is ideal. It can be placed on a driveway and doesn’t need a permit as it doesn’t affect services. Local skip hire is cheaper as we can normally place a small skip off-road, on a driveway for example.

For most domestic jobs, our 8-yard builders skip is a great choice. It’s suitable for a full range of materials, including heavy waste. You’ll need a permit, but it’s part of our skip hire services package to arrange this for you. If you’ve got a lot of waste to remove, our large skips are cost-effective. They can take a large load and can be cheaper than using a smaller skip. Our large London hire skips can’t be placed on the road.

The biggest jobs need the biggest skips, so choose one of our super-sized extra-large skips. Twice the size of builders skips (and those offered by most local skip hire firms), the only question is: will you have enough waste to fill it? Like our large skip, you’ll need to find somewhere private to place this skip.

Need more information? You can check out our website to view more information on our full range of skips, including skip hire prices. Or you can contact our team today for more details on our range of skips, including how to book a suitable skip at a good price.

Why hire a skip?

Some of the things you can safely of in a London skip include. construction waste materials (including traditional builders waste of rubble and bricks) furniture household waste old carpets scrap metal glass garden waste Some of the things you can’t dispose of in a skip hire, include:

electrical appliances hazardous materials (including asbestos) paint tyres batteries (all types, including car batteries) If you’ve got any of these materials to dispose of, speak to us. Litta is a certified waste management provider and can safely and legally take care of all waste, including electrical appliances and hazardous waste.

We have a commitment to protect the environment, and ensure all waste is disposed of responsibly, including recycling as much we can.

Do I need a license for my London skip?

Space is tight in London, and finding the right spot for your skip is crucial. If you have a private garden or driveway, you don’t need a license for your skip. The only consideration is whether it will fit! However, if you want to put your skip on the street, you will need to obtain a license from your local council. The cost you pay will depend on your local authority and the length of time you want the skip to be in place. As an example, of London skip hire permit prices.

Camden charges £42.21 for 1-day per space for a skip

Islington charges £66.50 per day

Westminster charges £81 for 1 month.

At Litta, we will apply for a council skip license on your behalf and ensure that we have all correct permissions before your skip is delivered. The skip license process can take a few days, so be prepared to wait for your skip to be delivered. We recommend you plan to wait 5 working days for your London skip permit request to be agreed upon. If you want your skip to be placed in a parking bay, you will need to arrange both a skip hire permit and a parking suspension. This can increase costs, but we’re here to help and will manage your London skip hire request. If you want one of our Large or Extra-large London skips, be aware that these cannot be placed on the road. Instead, you will need to find a suitable location where the skip can be safely dropped off, stored and removed.

Where can I put my London skip?

Obviously, you can’t place your London skip on the pavement! It should also be placed somewhere it isn’t causing an obstruction or blocking a driveway, for example. You’ll need to ensure there’s enough room for the truck to unload the empty skip and collect the filled one too. We recommend finding a relatively level spot for your skip (for drop-off, filling and collection). If it’s on a public highway, ensure it doesn’t interfere with any essential services and there's enough space for us to drop off and collect it. One of the biggest issues London skip hire customers can experience is waking up to find their skip is already filled with someone else’s rubbish. Placing your skip in a visible location (on the street outside your home, or somewhere with limited access) can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

How much will London skip hire cost in my area?

The cost to hire a London skip varies according to your location and requirements. To get an accurate cost for London skip hire, contact us directly. We will take some information from you and provide a personalised London skip hire quote. If you contact our team today, we will ask you a series of questions to get more information. Here’s what we need to know.

Where in London you want us to deliver your skip

What skip size you want (6-yard skip - 16-yard skip)

Details about the local area, including proposed skip delivery location

How long you need your skip (including hassle-free skip collection day) Skip load.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all this information before calling. Our local area team will ask for some details about your job, waste removal requirements, local services and your local area before giving you an idea of prices. They can arrange London skip hire while you're on the call, giving you the best price in the UK to get rid of your rubbish.

Are all skip hire companies the same?

You may see cheap local skip hire firms advertising cheap skip hire prices across London, but they’re not always the same. Before hiring a London skip or giving us a call, be sure to check that. The skip hire company has all permissions and permits to operate safely.

Skip sizes they use are legal Skip suppliers have sought and received all correct permits and permissions from the local council. They have a current waste management license and electrical waste management permissions. All waste collected will be disposed of safely and securely.

Sometimes the cheapest skip hire price isn’t the best price. You must weigh up all factors when making your decision or giving a company a call. Don’t take cheap skip hire providers by what they say on their website. Before you book online, check out user reviews and feedback. We aim to provide the best price and great service from a reliable UK team. At Litta, our friendly team of London skip hire experts can secure you a great price on skip hire. Whether you want next day collection for urgent waste removal, or a hassle-free delivery of a builders skip, then contact us today.

How long can you keep your skip for?

The normal period for hiring a skip is upto 14 days if you’re storing the skip on your own property. However, you’ll likely be able to keep the skip for longer and most skip hire services will allow you to keep the skip for as long as you need it, provided they aren’t short of supply. You can usually arrange a fixed time to keep the skip when you hire it.

Or you can simply call the skip hire company to come and collect it once you’ve completed your project and arrange a time for collection. If the skip will be placed in a public place, like on the pavement, then you’ll need to check the time period covered in your licence issued by the local authority. If you keep the skip on a public space for longer than the licence period, you could end up facing a fine.

How high can I pack my skip?

Filling your skip too high could mean that the skip hire company won’t remove your skip when they come to collect it. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, any loose loads need to be sheeted or covered, and secured, properly to ensure nothing falls out during transport. To be safe you should pack your skip level and not too far over the brim of the skip.

You can stack rigid items firmly against the sides to help build up the capacity of the skip and increase how much you can pack. Just be aware that overfilling your skip could leave you with a fee, or you could have you emptying some of your waste so the skip can be removed.

Do I need a skip?

Skips are an ideal solution for removing waste removal, including heavy waste such as rubble, soil or building materials. We provide skips in a full range of sizes, including classic builders skips, small skip and our extra-large skips for massive amounts of waste. Our hassle-free skip hire service covers London, including all areas, boroughs and postcodes. Unlike other companies, we are focused on recycling all waste. In fact, 93% of all domestic and commercial waste we remove is recycled.

For a cheap skip hire service in London, give our friendly team a call to get the best price today.

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