The importance of recycling your Fridge Freezer Properly

The importance of recycling your Fridge  Freezer Properly

They may seem like just any old appliance, but fridges are amongst the most hazardous in the home. Fridge removal is a specialist service. Unlike washing machines they contain harmful gases.

Due to strict implementation of new legislation by the European Union to protect the environment from harmful gasses, these need to be recycled by specialist companies. Licensed waste carriers will know exactly how to dispose of your fridge, legally and safely.

Fridge Freezer disposal happens in a few stages. Firstly the gasses are removed and generally burned in a safe environment. The oil from the compressor and capacitors are removed, then the body made up of foam and metal are separated and recycled.

Commercial fridge removal is completed in the same way. At Litta we pride ourselves on giving customers the simplest and most convenient way to organise a fridge collection and recycling of your fridge in a few clicks. We connect digitally consumers to this important process.

Remember to only ever use a licensed waste carrier.

Otherwise it may end up on the corner of a street - sadly something that happens far too often.

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