The true cost of 'Cheap Rubbish Clearance'

The true cost of 'Cheap Rubbish Clearance'

What is the true cost of Cheap Rubbish Clearance?

The reality is we all love a bargain. We all aim to get the best service for the best price. This is understandable, we too at Litta do the same thing. When it comes to rubbish clearance, junk/fridge/sofa removal and reuse, we all try to get the best deal. Often calling many companies, wondering why the costs differ so much. The truth is you are getting the same service from every partner.

The goods are removed? Right? Wrong! The variants; One company may have a newer van, be more professional, but the real question is why is it often so cheap from some suppliers? Well, the answer may be in what happens to your house clearance items after they leave you… Truth is you have no visibility of that right?

This is the second part of the service you do not see. This is where it gets interesting, there are 1,000,000 incidents of fly tipping a year. Now, let’s be honest, this isn’t 1 million of us loading our cars up and driving to a small country lane to dump stuff illegally is it? This is caused by customers not using a supplier that is acting legally - problem is how do you know?

Things to look out for Van or Truck that arrives is unbranded. You’re asked to pay cash with no receipt. If the website just has a mobile number and no company registration details. Using free listing sites like Gumtree etc. You do not get a waste transfer note at the point of transfer. All of the above should ring alarm bells!

We all have a duty to ensure that we are using a legitimate supplier, it may cost a little more, but rest assured your waste will be disposed of legally and ethically. At Litta we know that in the long run fly tipping costs us all as the council has to clear it at great expense, plus the social impact is damaging to everyone.

Litta works with top tier suppliers only, we aim to offer customers a guaranteed service of legitimacy fully vetting our courteous partners. If someone offers to take your waste away cheaply, it will probably end up being fly-tipped in our beautiful countryside,” said the Wiltshire councillor Bridget Wayman. If you have a concern about a suppliers legitimacy please check their waste carrier licence or call us and we will check for you!

search-waste-carriers-brokers You can also report fly-tipping incidents here to let your local council know.

report-flytipping We hope you found this helpful and please reach out if you want any further information. Help us to help you!

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