Waste collection in the fallout of Storm Eunice


Storm Eunice, the most recent windstorm to hit the UK, has also been one of its most severe.

An amber warning from the Met Office called the storm one of the worst in three decades with wind speeds reaching 122mph.

The intense weather system caused issues for residents across the country. Some coastal homeowners suffered interior and external damages from both strong winds and flooding.

In the wake of Storm Eunice, the nation now faces costly home repairs, loss of personal property, and a large recovery effort.

Community clean-ups

As part of a countrywide cleanup, communities came together to help clear roads and local areas.

Dorset police reported in certain instances, their jobs were made easier when the public got involved. In one case, a community member used his chainsaw to dismantle a fallen tree which was blocking a road.

Though spirits remain high, Met Office reports suggest that Storm Franklin is imminent, leaving little time for recovery. 

Are you concerned about damage to your property, how to stay safe, or disposing of leftover debris? Keep reading for useful tips.

Reducing risk during a storm

Intense wind speeds from a storm can cause damage to trees, buildings, and vehicles.

As weather is unpredictable during storm season, it’s important to make sure your property is well maintained. This will help lower the risk of accidents. 

You should check external fixtures such as loose tiles and chimney stacks, as strong winds can loosen or crack them. This helps reduce the risk of injury to passers-by.

Look around your garden. It’s a good idea to secure furniture or items which could be damaged or blown away. Check for any loose fence panels too. Securing or even removing them could stop further damage during bad weather.

Your vehicle is an important part of your life. Make sure to keep it clear of potential hazards. Park it in a garage if you have one. If not, make sure it’s clear of anything which could damage it during the storm.

If you live near a river or are coastal, check if your area is at risk of flooding. You’ll then be able to sign up for flood warnings in your area, helping you to act before damage happens.

If you feel that your property isn’t safe, make plans to stay with friends or family. Your insurer will be able to give you advice on what to do and when you can return to your home.

Clearing debris and securing your property

Storms can cause a lot of damage to your surroundings. Be careful when clearing debris. If you feel there is a risk to those around you, speak to a professional who can give you clear and practical advice. 

If you’re sure the area is safe, assess the damage to your property. You may be able to dispose of smaller items such as tree branches or small pieces of rubble yourself. 

If it’s too much to handle alone, talk to a trained specialist who can help you find a solution. Waste collection experts like LITTA can help with larger debris, while your insurance provider can help to assess damages to your car or home.

Waste disposal when bin collections are delayed

In areas such as the Southwest of England and Wales, the amber warning caused waste collections to be cancelled, leaving some areas with no bin collection.

Waste collection is important to any community as mounting rubbish can result in health and safety issues. These include fire hazards and vermin problems that spread bacteria and infection. 

In most cases, these delays were rescheduled to a few days later. However, for those with full bins or larger debris, there are several options you can explore.

Alternative ways to dispose of your waste

Your local household recycling center offers disposal for a variety of goods including damaged or broken items. You can find a list of what’s accepted at these sites on your local council website.

Waste collection companies such as LITTA provide a more complete package. Offering single item collections, man and van services, and even commercial waste collection. 

Dependable, effective waste collection in London

If your bin day has been delayed, make sure to find out when your next collection is or look for a safe alternative.

For larger debris such as broken fence panels or fallen trees, consult your local waste collection service.

At LITTA, our fast, efficient waste collection takes the pain out of all this and more. Leaving you free to take care of the important things.

For reliable waste collection in the London area, contact LITTA for more information.

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