What is the cause of increases in fly tipping?

What is the cause of increases in fly tipping?
Zara from Litta

We have all heard about it, with the BBC quoting there is 1 million incidents a year target uk-england . but what is the reason for this? Are there really a million people who have such a disregard for others that they will just dump their waste, be it hazardous or non hazardous and leave it for someone else to clear up?

We believe that people are using illegal carriers without knowing. How do you find a licensed waste carrier? You recommend you check their licence on the environment agency website. This is a must do for all of those disposing of waste (like fridge removals, rubbish and waste clearances). Whether you want to dispose of appliances, furniture or junk, this is key. At Litta we ensure all of our drivers are registered, meaning that by using us you can be sure your waste is being legally disposed of and will not end up on the corner of the street. With the BBC reporting that The Local Government Association has said fly-tipping cost taxpayers "more than £57m a year to clear up".

The figures suggest the number of fly-tipping incidents - 1,072,000 in 2018-19 - was the highest for a decade - help us to put a stop to this and always use a licensed trustworthy carrier. If it seems too cheap, there is probably a reason why! Think and be responsible. If in doubt we'd be happy to check for you. Just drop us an email at hi@litta.co

You can also search the environment agency database here public-register.

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