London Mattress Removal Made Easy with LITTA

Got an old mattress to dispose of? Don’t lose a moment of sleep over it! Book your mattress removal in London with LITTA.

Mattress Removal Services in London

When you are ready to buy a new mattress, or your old one is wedged into the garage, it’s time to book with LITTA. We specialise in waste removal with a professional mattress removal in London service. All you need to do is book a timeslot or opt for same day pick up. We will do the rest!

The LITTA London mattress removal service is trusted by households across the city. No matter which borough you reside in, our two-man teams will soon be enroute to take your old mattress away. Not only are our insured drivers and waste collectors ready to pick up your mattress, but we are also fully compliant and registered for waste disposal. With LITTA, you know that your mattress will be recycled if possible and always safely disposed of.

For an efficient and sustainable way to get rid of your mattress in London, download the app to book LITTA today.

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Professional Waste Collection and Mattress Recycling

Once the key to a good night’s sleep, an old mattress quickly becomes a nightmare when you need to get rid of it. Disposing of a mattress is not simple. The council don’t want it. The bin men won’t touch it. But it can’t sit on the curb! Unless you have a vehicle large enough for a king size, getting rid your mattress yourself is impossible. This is where LITTA helps.

We are a fully licensed, insured, registered and trusted mattress removal service in London. Once your mattress is in our hands, we exactly where to take it for recycling and safe disposal. You can rest assured that any mattress (or other waste, for that matter) that’s taken by LITTA ends up in the right place. You’ll even receive a Digital Waste Transfer note that details exactly what we collected and where it was taken for mattress recycling.

The LITTA service for mattress collection and disposal covers the entirety of London, from Havering to Heathrow and everywhere in-between. Whether your mattress is up five flights of stairs or won’t seem to fit through the doorway, our teams know just how to manoeuvre it outside and away. Our service is hassle-free, quick and convenient so you needn’t waste another second worrying about that old mattress.

Learn more about our mattress removal London service and book your slot on the LITTA app today.